My View on Educational Leadership

Education is the key to knowledge through constant experiences of trial and error, which lead to discovery and progression. Students need the opportunity to explore concepts hands-on and be able to relate them to real-world situations. It is our duty as educators to ensure that our students are taught not only the core content, but how to apply these concepts and make connections. Today it is vital that students have a more active role in their learning that consists of applying technology, communication, engagement, collaboration, and accountability to emphasize how they use their newly acquired knowledge to prove their mastery. I am willing to guide my fellow educators to be willing to embrace change, collaborate and be proactive to provide the best opportunity for student success.

School leaders are innovative professionals who are capable of using their expertise in order to transform school environments for the growth of the faculty, students, and community. I plan to make a transformational impact in the field of education by fostering a shared sense of ownership between the school and the community to create an atmosphere of achievement for all students. An administrator’s job is far beyond a title, in fact, it is a commitment to enforce consistency while implementing expectations to provide students with the best academic opportunities. Although becoming an educational leader may have its challenges, the greatest reward is the development of life-long relationships with staff, students, parents, and the community.

Amesha Forward

Owner/Director, Fast Forward Education Services